A Splash of Color on a Rainy Day

When I first came across this room I could not pinpoint what it was exactly that caught my eye.  How could something so simple look so complex?  Then it hit me… that was exactly why it works so well.  This room was featured in July 2005 issue of  Elle Décor.  The painting above the sofa is by Squeak Carnwath and was clearly a large inspiration when designing the space.   The artist used simple shapes and text with bold colors against a neutral background.   I cannot help but think I would love nothing more than to grab a cup of coffee and attempt to figure out how the combination of all these components are so successful.  This same concept is applied throughout the space.  The walls and sofa are a perfect neutral backdrop for the bursts of colors provided by the ottoman and accessories.  The designer then took this one step further and used clean lines and basic forms for all the pieces in the room.  The sofa is contemporary with the hard angles and this is repeated in the ottoman and even the bright orange tray used to hold books and flowers.  Everything about this room works and shows us how simplicity can look so complex!


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