Why lamps?

I spent the weekend in Providence with an old college friend of mine.  In between catching up and reliving our college days, we were shopping for some items she could accessorize her new home with.  We found some cool art pieces and table decor and then we came to the lighting section and she turned to me and said, “I hate lamps, I do not understand the point of them and most of them are so ugly I do not want any in my house.”  Enough said… so she thought.

Mary this post is for you!

I happen to feel the complete opposite about lighting and lamps in particular.  There is something that is so unique about a table lamp that can seriously change a room.  The best part is that lamps can be altered, if you change your color scheme all you may need is a new lamp shade.  Buy a classic lamp and you will see how it can go with an array of different styles and last you years and years.  Here are some of my favorite lamps in a range of prices and styles…

Eva Colored Glass Lamp - Pottery Barn $99

EleanorTableLamp - Crate and Barrel $179

Your lamp can even be a sculpture! Robert Abbey $345


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