Roomology Loves: Bus Roll / Subway Sign Art

My friend Christina has been re-decorating her apartment the past couple of months and ran into a roadblock with what to do on this one wall in her living room.  The space is perfect for a small desk or chest however Christina is an actress and as it turns out that wall has played the number one back drop in her audition videos which means a large piece of furniture is out.  Whatever we put there needed to be portable and not leave a mark on any part of the wall the camera would catch.  Our focus turned to an oversized art piece where the nail would be higher than the view of the camera.  So the search has begun.  After a week or so went by Christina sent me a picture from an antique store in Brooklyn.  She found the exact piece she wanted and as soon as I saw it I agreed.  It was a vintage bus roll from the 50’s.  The bus roll sign art become a big success lately. There is something about the text and white on black color palette that make them so appealing.  Only draw back was that this one cost $2500 for one or $7500 for the set of 3.  I was clearly not going to let that happen so I set out to find one for her for under $300.  Here are the results….

Restoration Hardware has this subway sign for $650, although more than our set price I had to show you another picture of how great it looks.

This 20″ x 30″ print I found on Etsy is only $48.  A frame for that size can run you anywhere from $30-$300 so this option can stay within any budget.  The seller, has a selection of cities to choose from or the option to personalize your own.  As a bonus you can also select to have a print or canvas made, still affordable with a price of $145 plus shipping.

Here is another one I found on  It comes printed on canvas, measures 20.5″x60″, and only costs $199.

Not sure which option she will go for but I will keep you updated on the final decision.  What do you think about this trend?

2 responses to “Roomology Loves: Bus Roll / Subway Sign Art

  1. Susan and Susie,
    I’m wondering, what did Christina choose? I’m the owner of the Etsy shop (“Vashon”) and the owner of Thanks for the mention in your November 6, 2011 post!

    • Christina was actually hoping Santa would have brought her one however that was not the case this year so she will be revisiting the ideas I gave her and make a final decision soon. I love your signs though! Thanks for the comment.

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