12 Best Tree Stump Tables

Ohh, how I love the look of the tree stump stool/side table!  And yes they are everywhere! Now I know this trend has been around for awhile, but with so many variations of the tree stump side table on the market, I’d do a roundup of my 12 favorites.  In no particular order:

BEST NATURALS: The Natural Tree Stump Side Table from West Elm feels like  it’s become the classic of this category. It’s made of naturally fallen cyprus wood, no two look the same.  Well priced at $199.  If you’re looking for something darker or more reddish, there are similarly priced stumps made of FSC-certified teak from Viva Terra for $179-198.

Best Naturals: West Elm (left) and Viva Terra stump tables.

BEST COLORS: This is where I really see the tree stump look going next… bright colors. Bring on the blues, greens, and pinks! Here’s two products that are ahead of the curve. On the left, the Stump Stool from Stray Dog Designs, shown here in pink for $390. We also love that this is a green product, made of recycled materials and using low-VOC paint. To the right we have the awesomely shaped Disco Stump Stool from DFC, which is made of fiberglass and also comes in lots of great colors like this vivid blue, but hits the wallet harder at $805.

best colored stump stools

Best Colors: Stray Dog Designs (left) and DFC.

BEST METALLICS: Combining two of the latest trends: tree stumps and metallics. May I humbly predict we see more of these in the future as well? For those who are looking for a bit of Hollywood Regency, I have the Golden Cut Stump Table by Anteriors, made of resin and sold by Neiman Marcus (amongst others) for $799. For those looking for a more modern shape (and who are not faint of wallet), we lust after Table 47 sold through DWR, $1020 at the time of this post. Reclaimed wood, check. Low VOC metallic paint, check. Sleek square shape, check.

Best Metallic Stump Tables

Best Metallics: Arteriors (left) and DWR.

BEST BLACK AND WHITE: Quasi-natural, quasi-tuxedo, wholly statement-esque. Made of beech trees with black lacquer. Available from ABC and surprisingly enough for that shop, will not cost an arm and a leg. $395 for the smaller size, $495 for the larger.

black and white stump stool

Best black and white: ABC.

BEST SQUARE: For those of you who want the tree stump look in a modern shape, DWRhas a teak square stool, made of sustainable wood for $398.

best square stump stool

Best Square: DWR.

MOST CREATIVE: I think the etched acrylic styled to look like tree rings counts as straight-up cheeky. The Timber Table from Gus Design is available from several vendors including Unica Home and is a steal at $235. I will, however, wistfully wait for a company that makes an all-acrylic table in the form of an actual stump.

most creative stump stool

Most Creative: The Timber Table from Gus Design.

MOST BUDGET-FRIENDLY: These stumps tables come in three different sizes and two different heights, are environmentally-friendly as they are reclaimed telegraph poles (awesome!), and are a steal at only $139-179, available from Horchow.

Horchow Tree Tables

Most budget-friendly: Horchow tree tables.

 BEST JUXTAPOSITION: At once sleek and gnarled, manufactured and natural, shiny and rustic, geometric and woodsy. This is exactly the kind of design that excites me the most… my eye keeps moving over it because it doesn’t fit into any of the patterns my brain has seen before. At $1500, it will take a bite out of your paycheck, but for those who are willing to pay for design that’s truly at the cusp, it’s available from Randy Brown Architects.

Randy Brown Architects

Best Juxtaposition: Randy Brown Architects

BEST SPECIAL ORDER: Reclaimed, one-of-a-kind stumps are available in all shapes, sizes, and woods from Kate Cunningham Co, sold through Ralph Lauren Home. Prices are available upon request.

ralph lauren home stump tables

Best special orders: Kate Cunningham Co via Ralph Lauren Home.

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