8 Awesome Eco-friendly Finds

I am so excited to see the eco-friendly furniture/home goods businesses coming into their own. Here are some of my favorite eco-friendly goods on the market right now.

  1. The 111 Navy Chair from DWR is simple, clean, and made of recycled Coke bottles and comes in a range of bright colors, all for $245.
  2. This hand-blown glass pendant is just one of the many beautiful, sustainable designs from Cisco Brothers.
  3. I’m in love with the sleek, modern design of the Gus Stanley Console Table, built of certified sustainable wood. It’s mounted to the wall so it actually looks a bit like it’s floating, and it has a perfect little recess so that you’ll always know where those keys are.
  4. The Butaca Chair from Viva Terra, an eco-friendly version of the classic Barcelona chair, is built from FSC-certified wood and upholstered with reclaimed coffee sacks.
  5. Holy cow, is this stool awesome. It’s the Arktura Ricami, made of recycled metal and has no VOCs or toxins, available for $399. This line comes in a number of different sizes and patterns.

  6. These beautiful table lamps from Terra Furnishings are made from rapidly renewable bamboo and are well-priced ($105-125).
  7. The Way Basics bookshelves are basically like an eco-friendly version of IKEA (except they’re made of recycled paper!), and they come in all sorts of colors and sizes. This configuration is only $92 from allmodern.
  8. The Luna sofa has a sustainable wood frame, low VOC finishes, and awesome midcentury styling. $1499 from True Modern.

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