Brilliant Ideas: How to keep an eye on your kids from your kitchen

I opened Traditional Home this month expecting to see nothing but some beautiful holiday decorations… instead I found one of the most brilliant and simple ways to solve a problem faced by many parents: how to supervise your kids while you’re cooking without having them underfoot in the kitchen. Even in some open concept homes, the parent may have trouble keeping an eye on the kids if the primary work space is turned away from where the kids are playing. So here’s this young mother’s solution:

Traditional Home TV in Kitchen IslandThe kids have their own private TV, right at their eye level. It’s built in under the primary work area of the kitchen. Now, the kids are 4 feet away, but are clearly outside the kitchen, and mom is actually able to interact with the kids while they’re watching TV. I would have loved to take this idea even further, perhaps by putting some child-size chairs in front of the TV or having a space for games and toys alongside the TV, so that the kids know that this really is a playspace meant for them. Still, it’s brilliant, and I think this solution could be accomplished for less than $500.


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