Is there a place for graffiti art in residential design?

I recently visited the awesomely designed lobby of the Ace Hotel (a masterpiece of a style I like to call upscale-gritty), which is dominated by an enormous black and white graffiti art wall. Turns out the wall is covered with graffiti art stickers that artist Michael Anderson had found around New York City. Photo via NYMag.

There is no question that graffiti art is becoming – has become – part of the mainstream art world. Last summer I attended the Art in the Streets exhibit at LA’s MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), the highly publicized exhibit of its new curator, Jeffrey Deitch. (See a few photos I took while I was there below.) I left the exhibit with two epiphanies: 1) graffiti art is here to stay, and 2) I kind of love it.

As with all trends that worm their way from the art world through fashion and into interior design, I predict that graffiti art will soon make its way into home interiors in some shape or form. Karl Sponholtz made an ill-fated attempt to incorporate street art into his design in the final round of HGTV Design Star which cost him the title.  Sponholtz attempted to create his own piece of street art by spraypainting an armoire, as seen here:

To me, using graffiti art as inspiration doesn’t mean that interior designers should be spraypainting walls or furniture.  I believe Karl missed a real opportunity to try to incorporate street art into home design in a new and creative way. Perhaps it could inform to shape of a chair or a light fixture. Perhaps we take away from it the thick outlines that graffiti artists often draw around their lettering. Several European companies have already begun this process (see their awesome designs below.)

Alphabet letter tables from French company Sisko.

Graffiti art mirror by Luis Alicandu.

British company Burke and Hazelden’s Georgian Wing Chair by KID4EVA.

Graffiti art-inspired bench by Frans Willigers.

However graffiti art comes home in America, I, for one, will give it a warm welcome.  How about you?

2 responses to “Is there a place for graffiti art in residential design?

  1. Absolutely— for more info about street artists (not just graffiti)

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