Showcase: wood trim designs

I absolutely love wood trim to break up a large expanse of wall, so I’ve decided to show just a few of the variety of wood trim treatments.

White trim gives life to Donatella Versace’s black walls.

Source: via Hollie on Pinterest

Trim doesn’t have to be traditional. I love the clean modern lines of this panelling.

Master Bedroom  bedroom
bedroom design by birmingham interior designer Tracery Interiors
Darker trim brings a bedroom with high ceilings back to human scale.

Vintage Residence - Living Room C
spaces design by chicago interior designer Jessica Lagrange
If you’d rather not wallpaper an entire wall, trim creates the a boundary around a perfectly sized area.

Another example of how wood trim moderates the amount of wallpaper pattern in a room.

click to view full size
White on white is a great backdrop for any color, via decorpad.

Wood Wall TreatmentsLarge scale trim for a large scale wall, from Southern Living.

One response to “Showcase: wood trim designs

  1. wow such lovely photos and designs 🙂

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