Roundup: 10 Awesome Eco-Friendly Lamps

We all know about using eco-friendly light bulbs…. Now the lamps we’re putting them into are eco-friendly as well! Here are a few of my favorites:

 Repurposed Spiral Spring Pendant
I’m in love with this pendant lamp made from a repurposed spring. Only $150 from Shades of Light.

An eco-friendly lamp that also brings a bright pop of color? Yes! The Delores pendant from Shine Labs, $216 on 2Modern.

Recycled content, flat-packed, and easy on the wallet. The Bendant lamp by MIO is only $175 at 2Modern.

The Wiley pendant light from Rejuvenation uses FSC-certified wood, only $156.

Stray Dog Designs has a line of lamps made from recycled glass.

The modern, angular Etch pendant by Tom Dixon comes flat-packed for less waste. $330 from Lumens.

Recycled glass lamp, $195 from Amazon.

Reclaimed industrial pulley lamp from Shades of Light

The Catherine Table Lamp from Pottery Barn is made of FSC certified wood.

The Tom Raffield Butterfly pendant light is made of FSC certified wood.

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