Roomology loves: ping-pong tables in interior design

So, a little confession: my family is slightly obsessed with table tennis. Over Thanksgiving break, we spent hours and hours at the table. Then I open Architectural Digest, and what do I see smack dab in the middle of Ellen DeGeneres’ and Portia de Rossi’s foyer?

Amazing! The modern, shiny chrome lines of the ping-pong table are the perfect contrast to the antique rug, tribal art, and natural elements in the room. BUT EVEN BETTER, THE TABLE IS IN THE FOYER! It says to anyone walking in the door, “You are here to have fun. You don’t have to be formal here. Let’s play!”

Jonathan Adler put a ping-pong table in his house as well:

via Hooked on Houses

Love how he changed the surface (I’m guessing wallpaper?) and used Saarinen-esque pedestals.

Finally, apartment therapy posted a roundup of designer ping-pong tables, including this photo where the table is made formal via a sheet of glossy black plexiglass (not to mention a player in a bowtie and two models in cocktail dresses). The designer tables that accompany the post are exorbitant, but worth checking out. For the rest of us, here are some table options.

A basic rally table that folds for storage, $150 from Amazon.

You can set up the tabletop right on your dining table, and clear it away for dinner parties. $130 from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

For those of you with cash to burn, I love the black and red design of this Sportcraft table, $569 at Target.

Don’t forget some fun paddles (this set at Alice Supply Co) and colorful balls (from GOGO).

One response to “Roomology loves: ping-pong tables in interior design

  1. Sounds like you had a fun Thanksgiving break! I thought it was fun to learn that Ellen is so into home design.

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