$29 dining room makeover with LED lights





So, my friend and I went to IKEA seeking a light for over her dining room table. We wandered through the aisles listlessly, bored by the endless white globes with their plastic covers and Chinese-lantern inspired shades. Finally, from the back corner, I saw a twinkly circle of light that drew me closer… and then I shocked my friend, and another innocent bystander who was shopping next to us, when I started jumping up and down and yelling, “Get this one! Get this one!”

What I was looking at was the IKEA Glansa LED lamp, a brilliant, warm halo of sparkliness that I am positive is the answer to anyone with an IKEA budget’s dining space. It costs $29.99, was easy to hang with a hook from the hardware store, and brings with it all the benefits of LEDs….

1.NEVER CHANGE BULBS! That’s right, the tiny bulbs of this fixture are built right in.
2.LASTS TILL YOU’LL NO LONGER WANT IT. LED bulbs last 8-10 years. Because they’re built into the unit, when the bulbs run out of juice, you can just throw the entire unit away (recycling what you can, of course). We bet after 8-10 years, you’ll be ready for an entirely new look.
3.ENERGY EFFECIENCY WITHOUT ICKY COLORS. Although the photos were taken with my iPhone, you can still see the warm, yellowy glow coming from these lights, a refreshing change from the highly efficient but usually bluish tones of compact fluorescents.
4.INSTANT SPARKLE. LEDs are tiny lights… even if you have a lighting unit with a larger surface are, this is just composed of an array of LEDs rather than a larger bulb fixture. So, LEDs give the feeling of tiny candles or points of light, perfect for a dining table or entertaining space.
The IKEA Glansa pendant lamp = LED love for $29.99.


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