Tassels schmassels… in search of non-frou-frou drapery tiebacks

So, I’m working of a project now that has large, wonderful windows and I need to tie back panel draperies so as not to hide them.  BUT, the room is modern and a little masculine, and the typical cord or tassel tiebacks (while I love them) just won’t suit.  So I’ve gone out in search of alternatives.  These ended up having a surprisingly equestrian theme, which was unintended, but I love anything preppy so that’s fine by me.

Ian Sanderson tiebacksI love the stirrup-shaped hardware on these shaped leather tiebacks by Ian Sanderson (to the trade).

Rustic rope and metal from who other than Restoration Hardware.

Like beautiful bracelets, and even monogrammable.  From Couture Window Fashions.

I bet in Scotland all curtains are held back by these.  Tartan tiebacks from Etsy.

A malachite coaster turns into a holdback, via CreateGirl.

 Cute as a button and less than $5: DIY from the hardware store, as shown in Country Living.

I totally dig these little horses.  From Sears.

3 responses to “Tassels schmassels… in search of non-frou-frou drapery tiebacks

  1. Great post!! I esp love the Country Living option and might consider using that in my master bedroom!

  2. How excited I am to see my leather tiebacks as one of your features! The beautiful thing about mine is that they can be made to any length needed so between custom lengths and bling, the options are endless. 🙂


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