A Roomology Favorite: The 85 Lamp


I was introduced to Droog Design  on my first visit to the Salone del Mobile in Milan about 5 years ago.  I instantly fell in love with their style and grabbed every brochure they had.  I became an instant follower and watched them grow and expand from Amsterdam to New York.  Above is their 85 Lamp.  There is something so raw yet elegant about this chandelier that makes this an instant classic in my book.  At a price of around $4,000 (and considering I do not currently have a dining room) I will have to  place this on my “One Day I will Buy” list.  Until that faithful day comes however… here are a few similar pieces I found to hold me over. 

The Pottery Barn Edison Chandelier is a great example of raw industrial design.  They have broken down the lamp to the most basic parts.  The wires, bulbs and  sockets are all visible and you have complete control over where to hang each of the 10 lamps.

 I think the Cluster Glass Pendant from West Elm is what happens when Industrial design becomes a little more glamorous.   Perfect for an entry way or over a small dining table this small fixture makes a large impact at only $199.

Feel like being crafty??  Here is a step by step guide on recreating this lamp yourself.  The directions state it should take about a half day to create so figure by dinner you could be dining under a new custom lighting fixture.  If anyone tries this I would love to see the finished product!


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