Roomology loves: Desks that hide power cords

I saw this awesome desk featured in House Beautiful this month and I thought, THANK YOU. About time desks came up to the 21st century! We need more than just space to write… we need integrated power stations, quick access to our power cables, something that hides that mess of cords, and something that keeps me from bumping my head on the top of my desk every time I have to plug or unplug something. Viola, the StudioDesk by Bluelounge fits all of these qualifications for $600.

As you can see, it has a sliding mat that allows easy access to the cords and power supply. Then there is just one master cable that goes from the desk to the wall outlet.

This made me wonder whether there are other products like this? For those who want to see what else is out there, here’s what I came up with…

I’m really into the One Less Desk, $750 from Heckler Design, especially for small spaces, as the keyboard shelf can slide under the upper shelf when not in use, making it only 12″ wide. Plus it has integrated cable management at the back….

Everything is nicely organized and out of the way.

The Bivi Table has an integrated trough at the back to hold all your power cords for $539.

The Herman Miller Sense Desk holds the cords in a wire basket. $949 from allmodern.

Another option from Herman Miller lets you plug right into the back and has an ergonomic armrest for $960.

At $2000, the Type 21 Desk from Caretta Workspace is a high-end option, featuring solid cherry hardwood and an awesome cord management system in the back.

Room&Board offers cord management systems that attach with self-adhesive to the back of their desks, ranging from $9-35.

Finally, I bought this iHome charging station for my gadget-loving father for Christukah, and he says he loves it. It can hold 2 iPhones/iPods, an iPad, and one other device, a Kindle/Blackberry/etc. All those messy cords are hidden in the bottom and there is just one plug that goes to the outlet. Not as cool as when it’s all integrated into the desk itself, but it does the job. $60 at Sears.

One small kvetch (if I may)… I wish there were some more (affordable) transitional or traditional desks that had these slots and recesses for cords incorporated. Come on manufacturers, people with traditional style have computers and tons of devices that need charging too! 🙂


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  1. I really like this topic- extremely useful!

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