Scrabble-inspired design

I personally am a total Scrabble nerd, so I was excited to see this month’s one-day makeover in House Beautiful where the Scrabble board take center stage on the coffee table.

The happy homeowner playing on his new board.

Turns out designer Peter Dunham used this awesome vintage board from Restoration Hardware

which even has a cool storage drawer,
on sale for $139 at the time of this writing.

I’m totally into this trend. I mean, I feel like everyone I know spends waaay too much time on Words with Friends. So I wondered what other Scrabble-inspired designs are out there…

Adorable Scrabble tile throw pillows, $100 from dirtsastudio on Etsy. Or, you can get any 4 letters you want for the same price.

I love the idea of Scrabble tiles as custom wall art. You can order any combination of letters from the aptly named, $6/tile. (Or if you’d prefer to go the Etsy route, there are some crafty people selling tiles on there as well, such as Embie Online.) The second image above is a DIY project done by Jen at— check there for a step by step.

Personalized Scrabble initial mugs… I want all 26. $12 from AndGeorge.

Refrigerator magnets, $11 from Amazon. Adorable image from Atypical Type A.

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  1. This is ny favorite blog topic of yours yet. 🙂

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