Roomology DIY project: $50 end table

I am not against DIY projects by any means, I simply never had the time to tackle them. After watching countless HGTV shows and reading blogs on refinishing furniture I knew I could probably DI-myself, but did I really have the time to shop around and look for pieces that were both fixable and affordable? That’s what I thought, until this past summer. While stopping for some zeppoles at a local fair, I walked through the community yard sale they had set up as a fundraiser. Needless to say, I walked away with a dozen zeppoles and a pair of end tables for $30.

Here is what I started with. The hardware had to go and I was not very fond of all the detailing but those were minor things to change.

Step 1: Remove the doors and hardware, find a good spot outside and grab an electric hand sander. After sanding for what felt like the whole day (only about 1 and a half hours in real time) I was able to get the table down to the bare bones.

Step 2: Primer. A small can of basic primer did the job. I used a roller on the top and sides of the table and a small brush for front detailing work.

Step 3: Paint. I chose Pebble White by Glidden and applied 2 coats.

Step 4: To add a fun twist to the piece I bought 2 pieces of patterned scrap-book paper and an 8 oz. bottle of Gloss Mod Podge. Using it as a glue, I carefully placed the paper over the area I wanted to cover and then applied another 2 coats of Mod Podge on top to act as a sealer.

Step 5: Spray the entire piece with a sealer.

Step 6: Attach doors and new hardware and enjoy!

Including the original cost of the table ($15) plus all materials I spent approximately $50.

Although DIY projects may be time-consuming, they are definitely rewarding when you are done. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the second table. Any suggestions?


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