Starry starry night: constellation ceilings

So I had a kind of typical New York moment when I was walking down a street that I walk down everyday and noticed something ridiculously beautiful that I’ve never noticed before. It was this amazing mosaic ceiling of the lobby of an office building in midtown (on 42nd St across from Grand Central).

Here’s a closeup of the mosaic:

Pretty gorg, right? Totally Gothic revival with that fake rib vaulting, and although I don’t know the history of this building, it feels very Vanderbilt/Rockefeller-esque. It’s clearly a knockoff of starry ceiling of the lower cathedral of Sainte Chapelle, built in the 13th century during the reign of one of those Louises….

but in my opinion, great works are there to be knocked off.

I am actually a huge fan of Gothic revival, it’s all about fantasy, and I feel like we need a little fantasy these days.  I was wondering how this look could translate to a modern interior. What do you think of these?

Ridiculously awesome Gothic revival mixing studio, NRG studios in Cali.

 A Gothic revival entry with a play on starry wallpaper.

I personally would use wallpaper to achieve this look, and after all this I can’t wait to star-paper-up my ceiling. I like these papers:

The Persian Star, a vintage Victorian pattern, available at Bradbury & Bradbury.

Candice Olson’s Navy Constellations wallpaper.

Maybe my favorite: the Ralph Lauren Northern Hemisphere wallpaper, discontinued (WHY????) but still available from some vendors like Classic Wallcoverings.


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