The must-see art & design of 2011

So, I just checked out Interior Design magazine’s retrospective of some of the best art, architecture, and design of 2011 (in the January 2012 issue)… it’s entitled “Absolutely Breathtaking,” a descriptor I have to agree with. Actually made me wish I had devoted the past year to traveling around the world to see these for myself. You can check out the images they have online here, although for some reason the images are different from those in the print magazine, so I’d pick up  the print issue as well. Some of the choices I was familiar with, but some were new. Here are some of my personal favorites

Lightning bolts shoot through wireframe spheres at the Deutsche Bank offices in Frankfurt, Germany. How, HOW are those floor panels constructed to appear so seamless? Only Italian architect Mario Bellini knows.

Who’s tired of plain glass boxes? French architect Jean Nouvel uses different angles and patterns of glass so that the building creates an array of reflections.

I was so excited to see the hypercreative street artist Swoon recognized. I saw his work (made mostly from paper) for myself at the LA Museum of Contemporary Art’s Art in the Streets exhibit, and it was utterly unforgettable. This image was taken at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

The Glasgow Riverside Museum combines the look of an uneven paper fan with architect Zaha Hadid’s obsession with sinuous curves.

What about you? What was your favorite design moment in 2011?


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