Roomology’s best interior design of 2011

My post yesterday of Interior Design magazine’s best of 2011 inspired me to find some of my favorite interior design moments of 2011 (never mind that it’s already February). Here’s some of my most memorable of the past year:

BEST OVERALL: Ellen DeGeneres’ and Portia De Rossi’s home (Architectural Digest).
Here are two ladies who really understand design (as do their architects Buff & Hensman and designer Melinda Ritz). In my opinion, they just hit it out of the park. They get awards for awesome artwork, best library,

and most adorable closet,

 where Portia’s heels are juxtaposed with Ellen’s rows of sneakers. Well done, ladies. Well done!

BEST EUROPEAN INTERIOR: Jean-Louis Deniot’s update of a Parisian interior (Elle Décor).

Plenty of designers could take such a splendid backdrop as this and still get it wrong. It’s just the right mix of comfort, visual interest (check out the variety of leg shapes), and whimsy (the floral chandelier).

BEST DINING ROOM: Barry Dixon has long been one of my favorite designers, and I loved this DC rowhouse he did (House Beautiful).

Clean, white, not overdone, upholstered chairs (which my tush is always grateful for), and I love the injection of modern geometry into the otherwise traditional space.

BEST ENTRY: Architects Jane & Michael Frederick call this a “dogtrot” plan, where a wide outdoor corridor runs through the home (the rear is completely open as well). (Southern Living)

I just love the idea of a completely open home. Why should a front door be only 3′ wide?

BEST WEST COAST: Brooke and Steve Giannetti’s California casual home (Veranda).

Beachy and relaxing, and yet a hard-to-pull-off blend of fabrics and furniture styles.

BEST KITCHEN: This was a tough one… but Julie Hayes’ bright yellow Dallas kitchen won out (Veranda).

It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s classic and modern all at once, it’s got an awesome ceiling, and with that polka dot floor, it’s frankly a bit cheeky.

BEST WINDOW TREATMENTS: Try as I might, I could not forget these malachite Roman shades (Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada in Elle Décor).

I love using organic objects to inspire patterns rather than man-made designs, and emerald green is so big right now.

BEST CEILING: Bunny Williams’ blue glass ceiling (Elle Décor).

Without this glossy and unexpected touch, the room might seem predictable.

BEST HIGH GLOSS PAINT: This trend was everywhere in 2011, but my favorite was Stan Topol’s black glossy hallway.

Black paint is mad hard to pull off! but here it works wonderfully as a luxurious backdrop to the artwork and shelves.

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