Pantone’s Spring 2012 Color Report—and how to use their bright colors in your interiors

Spring well… isn’t in the air, but that hasn’t stopped Pantone from releasing its Spring 2012 Color Report. Here’s where we are this year, and the best ways to use their bright color trends in your home.

Tangerine Tango… a brilliant red-orange, almost like a blood orange. 

Pantone actually named this the Color of the Year for 2012, but I don’t know if I’ve fully wrapped my head around this one. It’s a hard color to work with and match, but because it’s so bright and fun, I think it would work well for casual dining chairs:

orange lacquer wishbone chair
The Henri Dining chair, $168 from Anthropologie; a lacquered version of the wishbone chair, $855 from the DWR.

Orange dining chairs in effect from DWR.

Solar Power… a strong, deep, golden yellow.
I’m obsessed with this color and think it could almost anywhere, but I particularly love it for bright sunny curtains in an otherwise neutral room
Via apartmenttherapy and decorpad.

Bellflower… a midrange purple.

Very girly color, best to slap it straight onto the walls in a formal, feminine dining room where pretty much everything else is white.

First two from theentertaininghouse; third from Canadian House & Home.

Sodalite blue… a classic navy.
Could go just about anywhere… provides a punch of contrast against light walls.


Navy curtains a la Windsor Smith (in Rue).

Cabaret… a bright Barbie pink.
pantone-cabaret Yup, that’s bright. But don’t reject it out of hand… just use a little bit. Like as an end table in a girly bedroom:

From House Beautiful and dighomedesign.

Check in tomorrow, when I’ll go over the Spring 2012 pastels and neutrals.


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