Roomology loves: Gallery walls (a how-to!)

Gallery walls have always been popular, but now more than ever I see them popping up everywhere — from designer rooms to DIY blogs — so I decided that 2012 was the year of my gallery wall.  Before we get into my masterpiece, here are some of inspirational images of gallery walls.

Featured on  Using different frames can sometimes lead to a disconnection between the pieces, but this works because they all have a unified subject: the owner’s collection of figure sketches.  I especially love the added bonus of the sculpture at the bottom of the stairs.

If you are going for a more sleek and modern look, follow what Samantha Pynn did for this bachelor pad.  Identical frames and mats were used with a combination of black and white photos in a contemporary geometric grid.

The classic staircase gallery maximizes an unusual wall shape.  Designer Eric Cohler got this right by keeping all the images in the same neutral color palette.

Kelly Werstler’s Viceroy Santa Monica uses all rectangular mirrors, taking the images out of the equation.

This designer proves the power of creativity and spray paint.  Here, the asymmetric placement makes each frame stands out on its own, yet still feel like part of the family.  And if you have a neutral area and need a pop of color, this idea allows you to be bold without overdoing it.

Regular geometry is relaxing to the eye.  I also love the use of a vintage map.  In this one (from House Beautiful), the simple sepia tones work well with all the different textiles and patterns.

Simply brilliant!  I would have never thought to bring the gallery wall into a powder room, but after looking at this image I cannot believe I didn’t think of this sooner.   Via Design Sponge.

Need some inspiration near your workspace?  A gallery wall can be the answer.  I love how this  looks as though it grew organically.  I love the dusty tones and how it complements the muted rug.

Use a gallery wall to show off your child’s art work!  You could have the coolest playroom on the block.

Now a few things to remember when creating your gallery wall

1.  Try to be as unique as you can.  See what you have around the house first, then decide what you want to display and what you can put back in the closet.

2.  A can of paint is your best friend.  If you absolutely love a frame but it does not work for whatever reason, you can give it new life for $6.

3.  Plan as much as you can.  Go back to good old paper and pen, sketch out your initial idea, then practice on the wall with large pieces of newspaper or scrap paper in the exact sizes of the frames.  Make sure you label each piece to match with the artwork to keep everything organized.

4.  Have fun with this.  Make your gallery wall your own!  Let it show your unique interests, and it will be something you smile at every time you pass by.

I spent 2 full weekends working on my own gallery wall.  Most of the time spent was figuring out the layout I wanted and the frames I needed.  Here is my lonely empty wall that was neglected for almost 3 years. 

As you can see the wall is empty and therefore very intimidating!

And here is my finished product.  I mixed in a large painting at the bottom and the rest are images I took myself from traveling abroad.  Because the rest of the room is more contemporary with clean lines and any asymmetrical layout I attempted just did not work, I decided on a semi-grid pattern.  All the frames are from Ikea and I ordered my prints from  In total I probably spent around $250 with frames and prints.. not too bad considering this wall is finally finished and my travel memories are now proudly on display.

Have you attempted your own gallery wall?  If so, send us your photos!


3 responses to “Roomology loves: Gallery walls (a how-to!)

  1. The gallery walls are fantastic.

  2. Henry Miller had infamous gallery walls in his bathroom. (warning, it’s Henry Miller, so NSFW, natch).

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