2012 Rug Trends (Ikat, Chevrons, and more!)

So, I just got back from covering the New York Home Fashions trade show for Rug News andDesign magazine, so I can now report back on all the latest in rug design! Here’s what I saw:

1) IKAT is absolutely #1. Literally EVERYONE is showing ikat. It’s taken a few years, but it has finally trickled from the fashion world through to fabrics and on down to rugs, and I have to say, I’m pretty thrilled about it. Ikat is so antique-y and boho, and it just looks very natural on the floor.
Ikat options from Amazon, Rugs USA, and ABC Carpet.

2) HAND CARVING is getting bigger and bigger. In this technique, after the rug is made, carvers go in by hand and remove some of the pile in order to create outlines around the pattern to give it even more definition and a high-low texture, like on this rug:

You can see the slight shadows around the design where the carving was done to give it even more of a pop. This rug is by Amy Butler.

3) SPHAGHETTI/FETTUCINE SHAGS were everywhere, called thusly because of the resemblance of their yarns to flat or round noodles, which gives textural interest to neutral or monochromatic rugs. Another trend, seen below on the right, involves interspersing these thicker yarns with various thinner yarns… pretty cool.

From Home Elementz and Levitz.

4) NON-UGLY GEL CHEFS’ MATS… finally. We all want the resilience and easy-on-the-knees comfort of gel mats, but without putting a giant plastic-looking square on our kitchen floors. Here you go.

$45 at Amazon.

5) CHEVRONS are up and coming pattern trend. I saw them in a variety of colors and patterns, like this one:

From Home Decorator’s Collection.

6) MEMORY FOAM BATH MATS… sure to be the hot 2013 Christmas present for those relatives you have no idea what to get. I had no idea how 20th century my bathmat was until I saw this. I’m showing solid colors here, but believe me they will be out in every pattern imaginable by the end of the year.

Via Kohl’s.

7) OVERTUFTING/RAISED DESIGNS create additional texture over a typical pile rug.

A David Easton Rug from Zinc Door.

So there you have it!  Please comment and let me know what you think!


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