Green Walls at the Philadelphia Flower Show

I attended the Hawaii-themed & (thus) orchid-strewn Philadelphia International Flower Show recently… and I have to say, among all those brilliant orchids, what really caught my attention were the many and varied green walls on display throughout the show. Green walls offer visual beauty of plants, can have other environmental benefits besides just fresh O2 (like keeping things cool in the summer, warm in the winter), plus make the most of scarce gardening space. Check these out:

Beautiful vertical gardens at the Subaru pavilion… love the creative pattern and variety of colors and leaves.

Glorious green wall from EcoWalls. Love the variety of plantings. A Flower Show volunteer told me that these systems are really high tech, they actually have tiny watering tubes implanted in the back of them so you never have to water them. The system comes complete and you basically just attach it to your wall. Needless to say I totally want one.

This clever wall is comprised of seven different types of… you’ll never guess… lettuce! Rabbit food never looked so good. Sadly, a volunteer at the show told me this is only for display purposes, because the bottoms of the pots are basically just nailed to the wall, so when they water it, the water can’t get to the roots of the plant and all the dirt falls on the floor. Definitely a problem I hadn’t thought of!

Imagine this sweet little box hanging on your outside wall!

Love these steps of greenery.

I am very, very interested in how one can implement a garden, veggie farm or herb box in one’s own backyard/terrace/balcony/fire escape. Here’s some options I found:

The little flower box above was from Sage Botanic Media.

This device was on display by one of the flower vendors at the show. It’s tilted to solve the watering issue, and check out that awesome variety of plantings. I found out that it’s from a company called Green Living Technologies, which sells green walls or freestanding vertical gardens. Don’t have a backyard? It also has a section on urban farming, including this photo from its website:

So there you go, having a backyard made of concrete is no longer an excuse for not having space to garden! Some other options:

You can build your own green wall with felt pockets, like these from woollypocket or florafelt.

Another option is this tilted planter which you can nail to the wall. Love that it’s tilted for easy watering. Available at Amazon.

Ok so I know it’s not exactly a green wall, but how adorable is this idea? This was actually by the Chester County Art Association, who took home Second Prize in the Store Windows category. I just think it’s so clever. OH, and there are your obligatory orchids. 🙂

Another way to fake it… these hanging bags will grow strawberries… or anything. (I asked.) 10 for $10 here.

A cool DIY from myurbangarden.

And last but not least, for those of you who are really short on space, I thought this almost-screen of air plants was a clever idea for infusing a bit of green.


One response to “Green Walls at the Philadelphia Flower Show

  1. The green walls certainly caught my eye at the flower show too. I wonder if you could use water plants inside in the same manner. Can you imagine juxtapositioning a Monet or VanGogh print next to the real thing?

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