Hide your flat-screen TV… or even turn it into artwork! From high-end to low-end

SOOO, turns out not everyone can afford a separate home theatre away from their living area, and that many design-conscious people
are not willing to incorporate a large black box on the wall into their designs. Maybe it just doesn’t go with your particular style (let’s face it, a TV just doesn’t work in a Moroccan retreat/Tuscan villa/Paris flea market-inspired look). Maybe you want to fool your guests into thinking you’ve never heard of low-brow television (pray tell me, what is this Parking Wars? je ne sais pas Jersey Shore?) but only sit around reading Sartre and the occasional short fiction piece.

Whatever the reason, lucky for you, our design capabilities are expanding at the same rate as television technology. Ok, that was a lie. However, there are a lot of creative solutions available… from the extremely pricey to DIY. This post was actually inspired by this awesome room divider I saw at the Architectural Digest Home Show…

…where the TV panel actually swivels to allow TV-watching in two different areas, or so you can turn it around and hide the TV (the other side is those innocuous shelves) when you have guests over or want to have a zen moment. (That’s enough, now turn it around and give me my Make It or Break It). This very fun-to-turn but pricey piece starts at $4000 from Contempo Wall.

Here’s what else I found:

Manhattan Cabinetry has 20 different custom cabinets that have TV lifts, where the TV comes up from inside (I’ve shown a more traditional and more modern example here). You can also get non-custom TV lifts like these…

About $2500 each from TVLiftCabinet.com.

For those of you who don’t want any additional cabinetry, this is one of my favorite solutions. It is a frame around the TV that houses a retractable screen, almost like an internal roller shade. The roller shade moves up with the touch of a button, and there’s your TV. Check out this video:

This is the ArtScreen from VuTec. You can get a variety of frames and choices of artwork, or you can upload your own artwork to make it whatever you want! Totally want one. Here’s another company that does it:

Also offers tons of options for frame and 1200 standard paintings, as well as allowing you to upload custom art. From Frame my TV.

Here’s another solution, if you don’t like that. You can have your TV double as a mirror, so that it looks like an intentional part of the interior design when not in use:

Again, you can get any frame under the sun… from The Art of TV.

Finally I found a DIY option for those of you who are more budget-conscious and more handy…

Step-by-step directions from Gus & Lula.



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