Awesome iPhone docks and chargers

I saw David Stark’s awesome Wood Shop
candlestick iPhone charger in this month’s edition of Interior Design magazine….

(completed by the iPhone candle app) and fell in love ($175 from Haus Interiors). I wondered, what other fun high-design iPhone docks are out there? Here’s the best I found:

I love this gramophone-inspired dock/amplifier, cleverly named the Phonofone, $195 from Science & Sons.

Disguise your charger as literature. Each one-of-a-kind, $50 from the iCreateWorx Etsy shop.

I’m kind of in love with the Spiderpodium, $13 from Amazon.

Turn your phone into a throwback alarm clock (and never again lose it on the bedside table) with this wooden piece from Areaware ($40).

How ’bout a dock as furniture? West Elm cleverly does away with an extra piece with the Parsons Audio End Table, currently on sale for $199.

OK, so not high-design, but definitely on the list of things I should already own… this little piece transforms a regular outlet into a USB charger. $15 from Lowe’s.

Have a great Saturday all!



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