Unique and Modern Outdoor Furniture

On my recent trip to Costa Rica, I stopped at the Tabacon Hot Springs.  The grounds were breathtaking.  After walking around I stumbled upon the Shangri Li Gardens area where I lounged around on the outdoor furniture, and I was reminded how much I love the trends in outdoor furniture over the past few years.  It is usually around this time of year that I have images of my dream backyard.  I fully intend to create my own oasis with plenty of lounge areas and cool spaces to have a drink, read a book and waste plenty of summer hours away.  Here are some of my favorite collections:


This Alexander Rose hut is great for a small escape.  The top comes off for ultimate sun exposure and can fit most small outdoor areas at only 6.5 feet wide.

Have some more space?  Check out the collection by Usona Home below.




Here is one unique set by B-alance.  The Fiore patio set looks like a blossoming flower when viewed from above.  The configurations are endless and if you are by yourself one day then put all the pieces together to forma the perfect backyard retreat.

 I first saw this next set at the Salone del Mobile in Milan around 2007 or 2008.  It is still one of my all time favorites to date.  You can store this anywhere or create a great seating area within a few minutes.

What stores away as this enlarged golf ball first looks like this…

But in a few moments it can turn into this…

Another example of the perfect space-saving solution is the Obelisk by Dedon.  This creative Dutch design comes in multiple fabric and color options and has won numerous awards.  I think it is easy to see why.

I challenge you to go and create an oasis in your backyard this summer! When you are on chapter 3 of an amazing book on a lazy summer afternoon you will agree that it was worth the investment!


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