Nursery Safety Tips

Nursery design goes way beyond the gender and theme you decide on.  You need to take into consideration safety measures, lighting schemes and organizational systems, all in which will help your every day crazy life a little bit easier.  Here’s a few important steps you need to take to ensure a safe environment of the newest member of your family.

Safety is always the number one priority, especially in a nursery.  When planning the lay out of your nursery keep the crib away from a window to keep window treatments, which can be a choking hazard, away from the child.  It’s best to keep the crib against the wall or centered in the room as in the floor plan from Rock-A-Bye Nursery.

Around kids it’s especially important to use VOC-free paint (VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds, which have adverse health effects, especially on children whose membranes are more sensitive, as noted by the EPA here).  Almost all paint brands offer a VOC-free line (one of our favorites is Benjamin Moore).

In terms of window treatments, blackout shades that block out sunlight so  your baby can nap are most ideal.  I like  the Hunter Douglas Duette Architella Honeycomb shade, available in almost any color you can think of.

If shades are not in your design plan for your nursery (which I totally understand) then you can always add drapes in front like the image below (so long as your crib is placed where the drapes are outside of the child’s reach).  Courtesy of Little Inspirations blog.

You might want to hang something above the crib, but be careful with what you select–you do not want a heavy piece of art or something with glass in the case it may fall.  We like the option of a wall decal, like this one:

This adorable customized Owl decal is from Pottery Barn for $69.  I found a number of different vendors on Etsy who also sell wall decals.  Here is this cute tree decal with birds, a squirrel and birdhouse helping to create a whole scene in your nursery.

This decal is also customizable for any color scheme.

I wish all the Mothers out there a very Happy Mothers Day!


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