Trends Spotted at ICFF (Part I): PAPER

This past weekend was the ICFF, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, a yearly furnishings extravaganza at the Jacob Javits Center. It’s an amazing maze of newly released designs from around the world. I’ll be doing a couple of segments on trends we spotted there, starting with… stuff made out of paper/cardboard! Now this trend isn’t exactly new… my fave architect and designer, Frank Gehry, introduced his Wiggle Chair several years ago, a series of cardboard swoops that can be thrown straight into the recycling bin after you’re through with it:

But this year, paper was popping up EVERYWHERE. This awesome display from Canadian company molo is actually completely comprised of paper!

Molo has an expandable paper product that can be made into space partitions or even furniture:

Here’s Susan sitting on top of one of their stools, which is a wheel of paper with a felt top.

Next up, we saw this display of pendant lights, also made of cardboard, from New Jersey-based Carton Planet (well-priced at $50-60).

I loved this display of cardboard figures from Japanese designer d-torso…I think they would be a great arts & crafts project for kids to build, color or paint, decorate, and then recycle when they’ve had their day. What child doesn’t want a 7′ tall horse?

OK, so this was not actually a product for sale, but I thought that the backlit wall of this display booth looked really awesome, and was delighted upon closer inspection to find that it was made of crumpled strips of paper. I thought it was cool-looking maybe for a DIY to add texture to a space on a budget.

This clever table lamp is actually a light within a notebook…
You can flip the page for a different background…
Or even create your own…
at the designboom mart.

So then after I left the fair, I was shopping with a friend at cb2 when what did we stumble upon…

Their ‘upcycle’ pendant lamp, made of circular discs of cardboard (currently on sale for $99). I think it has a cool industrial look…


Stay tuned for more from ICFF…


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