Next up at the ICFF… transforming, folding furniture. I love innovative designers who think outside the box in terms of thinking about how furniture can best work for us today, rather than just producing the same old chairs and tables we’ve seen so many times. A lot of these pieces are also great for apartment-dwellers or anyone whose space is at a premium.

My favorite is the awesome Leaf folding chair by Hoboken-based company Folditure

that is actually comfortable, folds down to be only 3/4″ inch thick, and you can actually hang in a coat closet:

4 chairs only take up 3″… or according to the company, the width of a winter coat. Kind of brilliant.

Next up is my dream desk by Danish company Milk

which has a hydraulic system that lifts and lowers at the touch of a button. The boxes on the desk can be customizable to be a smartphone charging station, a pen/pencil holder, storage, or even an integrated trash bin. The desk also features amazing cord management (an obsession of mine, as noted previously on Roomology) for computers and task lamps…

as well as a little front slot for your iPad. LOVE.

I also liked this end table by Ohio-based objeti

…which opens up tackle-box style to reveal hidden storage trays…

not a bad party trick. Also from Ohio, we had what looked like an offbeat piece of found art…

oh wait! It’s actually a chest of drawers:

Definitely unexpected, even moreso that the drawers operated so smoothly (a juxtaposition to its rough-hewn appearance). From Ohio designer Mark Moskovitz.

The next up is a simple idea executed beautifully with great materials and clean modern lines. This wood end table…

transforms into an upholstered chair

and transforms again into a storage cube.

Not rocket science, but I appreciate all the thought that went into this piece. From Kuwaiti company Al-Hamad Design.

That’s all for now! It’s a beautiful day in Brooklyn, hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. I’m really impressed with everything, especially the cardboard folding chair. Good for nonsmokers.

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