Rainbow bright (aka feel instantly happier)

I’ve been meaning to point out the awesomely color-coordinated rainbow bookshelf featured in the January issue of Southern Living.

Southern Living rainbow bookshelf

I have a feeling this is a hard one to pull off in real life (does anyone really have a significant quota of books of each color?), but let’s face it, no matter how old you are, there’s something so visually relaxing about looking at rainbows.  If I were at all capable of conducting scientific research, I might do a study of whether people feel happier after looking at a rainbow.  My money’s on yes.  (Helps if you have a cute dog, too.)

Here’s some other rainbow libraries for your ocular enjoyment.  (Gotta credit the fabulous themodernhome for most of these.)

rainbow library

via Cloud9design.wordpress.com

Apartment Therapy color coded bookshelf

Color coded shelves from Apartment Therapy


From Design Sponge via themodernhome.com

Lonny color coded books

Color coded books from Lonny

Music room with rainbow bookshelf

via Pinterest

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