Show Your Stairs

A staircase is an integral part of how most homes function.  Many homes however were designed to push the stairs to either the side of the room, back of the house or keep them in the entrance hall as something you quickly pass by.  I think it is about time to push the stairs front and center.  Let them get the attention they deserve and you will see what a beautiful thing it can be.  Here are some of my favorite stair designs where homeowners were not shy to take a chance.  Their risks paid off one step at a time…

 This Gaudi like staircase is truly a piece of art.  The organic forms that begin on the walls and continue to become the treads make it seem as though they were there before the house was.   

Designed by Moon Design and Build based out of the UK, these stairs lead to a loft.  The placement near the windows allows the light to shine through making the stairs look like lattice work.

The profile of a staircase is turned into a beautiful graphic piece when placed against a white backdrop.  The designer took this one step further and played with materials to create a truly distinct contrast.

The Architect firm Jouin Manku designed this spinal cord like stairs for a Malaysian residence in 2008.  I love how they selected glass for the railings making them almost invisible and letting the stairs stand out on their own.  Click on the image to see more images of this amazing house and the firms other work.

There is something to calming and serene about a traditional center staircase.  I love the placement of columns and the simple railing design that seems to go on forever.

Floating stairs by the Italian designer Roberto Murgia.  May not exactly be kid friendly but you cannot deny the beauty of this functional sculpture.

What do you think?  What would you chose to do or what have you done already?  Show us your stairs.

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