Reader poll: To ply, or not to ply?

More and more in design magazines I’ve been seeing designs that incorporate the look of unpainted plywood.  I think this started mostly as a low-budget wall covering, but now it’s become a trend.  I’ve seen it in kitchens, like these:


Scandinavian cottage like kitchen with plywood

Like how this one makes it look more upscale with the metal strips between the planks.

Have also seen it in living areas:




And in an office or home office setting….



And of course there are some great-looking plywood shelves:



So…. what do you think?  Do you like this look?  Vote now!

[BTW if you are looking at this on your mobile device and can’t see the poll, it’s because you need to download the PollDaddy app which you can do for free in your app store!]


2 responses to “Reader poll: To ply, or not to ply?

  1. Plywood looks unfinished and like you tried by didn’t get it right.

  2. Myra kurkowski

    Too raw for most uses.

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