Eames: The Architect and the Painter

Charles and Ray Eames are clearly in the ranks as the most important American designers of 20th century.  They have contributed to industrial design, furniture design, architecture, photography and manufacturing.  The film “Eames: The Architect and the Painter” gives us a long awaited glimpse into the thought process and life of this wonderful couple.  Their ability to take material and mold, bend, paint and use it in ways never thought of before is beyond inspiring for anyone in any field.   I was able to catch it on Netflix this weekend and fell in love all over again with their designs.  From the video below you can see that I am clearly not the only one.

I was first introduced to their designs in my real life drawing class while studying in Milan.  One of our first exams included drawing the Eames storage unit.  As frustrating as it was for someone new to this field, I grew a deep admiration for the piece after looking so closely to all the components.  After staring at the piece and every bar, nut and bolt used I realized the real beauty of their designs are in the details.   Charles Eames said it best himself,  “The details are details. They make the product. The connections, the connections, the connections. It will in the end be these details that give the product its life.” I could not agree more.

The Eames storage unit and matching desk. My first insight to my now favorite designers.

The white chairs on this porch is a perfect complement to the dark wood and green surroundings.

I love the colorful play of pastels in this grey dining room.  And of course combined with a Roomology favorite, the 85 Lamp by Droog design.

The same Eames chairs used in the previous images also go perfectly with this rustic kitchen sitting on top of a cowhide rug.

And one of my all time favorite pieces, the Eames rocking chair.  The bright yellow brings this room to life with a bold splash of color.

I love the simplicity of this dining room combining the Tulip table and classic Eames chairs.  The sunday paper and a fresh cup of coffee would make this setting complete.

It seems as though that chair was made for this room.  Pretty incredible that a chair made in 1946 fits seamlessly in a 21st century room.

And of course the Eames Case Study House #8.  Designed by the pair and made of all “off the shelf” parts. Watch the video in the beginning of the post for more information.   The house is now designated a National Historic Landmark and open to the public for visits.  Check out the Eames Foundation for more information.

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