Countertops that look like white marble (take two)

So it turns out that white carrara marble counters are all anyone really wants in their kitchen.  You can barely open a design magazine without seeing a kitchen done with white marble.  Of course, given Murphy’s Law, white marble counters are completely impractical for the kitchen (too soft and stainable).  Given this conundrum, I thought it was high time to revisit my original blog post on Alternatives to White Marble Countertops, as it turns out that I left off some choices worth mentioning.  (If you want a discussion of white granites and quartzites, refer to the original post.)  So, without further ado, here is my new and improved list of engineered countertops made to look like white marble.engineered-stone-look-like-white-marble

1) Dupont Zodiaq Okite in Bianco Carrara is bright warm white with a contrasting “vein.”  I do like a higher-contrast appearance, even though this one doesn’t look all that realistic.


2) Silestone in Lyra: I like the contrast and the bright white background, but this one definitely looks like swirls rather than veins.silestone-lyra

3) Quantra in Carrara: A low contrast surface with grey swirls.quantra-carrara

4) Cambria in Torquay: Low contrast, but a bright white background with a realistic-looking grey vein.cambria-torquay


Cambria Torquay

5) Caesarstone in Misty Carrera: Emphasis on the “Misty,” this surface looks more on the grey side.caesarstone-misty-carreracaesarstone-misty-carrera

6) Stone Italiana in KSoul: Even though this is a teeny bit greyish, I think it’s quite beautiful.stone-italiana-ksoul


7) LG Viatera in Bianco White: I actually like a higher-contrast look, so I’m a fan of this one.lg-viatera-bianco-white



8) VMC Trafficstone in Aurina: A low-contrast, speckled white.


So there you have it.  Love to hear from anyone who has experience with any of these — whether good or bad. 🙂

25 responses to “Countertops that look like white marble (take two)

  1. Kyria Christison

    THANK YOU!!! This was exactly what I was looking for. I was going to do marble counter tops but I have to be realistic….they’ll look like crap. We will just be too rough on them!!! Great alternatives!!!

  2. I think we’re going with the Silestone Lyra after it became nearly impossible to buy the Bianco Carrara from DuPont locally. Interesting to see them side by side!

  3. Your research has been so helpful. Just getting started on a remodel of kitchen and countertops in 3 bathrooms. Heading out tomorrow to find samples of your suggestions. Yes, please share what you chose!

  4. Thanks so much for this very helpful post.

  5. Floyd Gary Thacker

    Thanks. This has been so helpful & a wonderful reference. We like the Cambria in Torquay, LG Viatera in Bianco White, & Stone Italiana in KSoul.

  6. I had no idea that so many people were facing just the same dilemma as me! I have just emailed a friend who put white marble into her kitchen over a year ago, to ask how it is bearing up. I really can’t find anything that I like as much as marble – but with 4 young kids and a messy husband (!) I am not sure i can face worrying about the upkeep of marble. I’m having the same issue with the wooden worktop I want for my kitchen island, and the wooden flooring I want too. Every kitchen person I speak to tries to dissuade me, but I really know exactly what look I want to achieve, and I just don’t think I can do it with alternative materials. It’s a tough one, and I don’t want to settle on the aesthetics. Thanks for all the options though – I will keep searching. I’d love to know what other people reading this thread decided to do – and how it;s working out for you!

    • Suzie, thanks so much for your comment!

      I don’t believe there is anything that can truly replicate the exact awesome veininess of white marble. These products are really just the best approximation of that look.

      Another reason to avoid white marble is because to really be sure it is protected, you may have to reseal it as often as every 3-4 months. Aside from the inconvenience, the sealants are toxic. Definitely not ideal, especially with small kids!

      Best of luck, please let us know what you end up choosing!

    • Suzie, I was curious to know what your decision was on your kitchen. I, too, love the look of marble with a wooden island, but there are issues with both. What did you settle on and are you happy with the results?

  7. There are a few more quartz products like marble: Silestone’s Lagoon, Caesarstone London Grey, and Pentalquartz Carrara?

  8. DallasDesginer

    Silestone has a number of other white marble looks too. In addition to Lyra, there is also Bianco River, Lagoon, and new colors Pulsar and Helix. Check out the pictures on

  9. Thank you!!! This is the info I have been searching for!! You probably just saved me 2 weeks of searching .. Im going to
    Check out the Cambria. 🙂

  10. The Cambria is so plastic-looking, with little dots. Not like stone at all. Ceasarstone has Frosty Carrina, a little creamier than I’d like, but considering that one. Thoughts?

  11. Daltile also has an option called Luminesce in their one quartz nature flecks collection. I am choosing for this my master bath reno because all the carrera in the area has too much grey for me. I will try to remember to send pics

  12. We installed Cambria’s Torquay just 9 months ago, and we LOVE it. Gives our kitchen the classic look of marble without the maintenance. Easy to care for, and an awesome company in which to work.

  13. Any pictures of silestone Helix by chance? I can’t seem to find one. Sileston Lagoon looks great in pics too!

  14. Can anyone tell me which of these look alikes is cheapest? Thank you and great pictures and info here.

  15. Um…you completely overlooked Corian Rain Cloud. This looks a lot like white marble but is vastly more durable and practical. Just Google it…it’s super popular right now.

  16. Have you looked at Danby stone from Vermont? Harder than marble, locally quarried, and with many similar veining patterns to marble.

  17. Wow! This has been my nightmare for over 2 months now. My husband ripped out the kitchen 8 weeks ago for a total redo. White cabinets and Carrara Marble were what my heart was set on. Working with our local Home Depot( our only option here) we found the Carrara available and affordable! I was dissuaded from this choice by everyone i spoke to includind the slab manager when we went to pick out the slabs. I’m back to square one trying to find an affordable alternative i will love. I’m not sure that’s possible but i am looking at 2 choices by Viatera. There is a white one called Cortina and a gray-green named Natural Limestone that reminds me of concrete. I was wondering if anyone has used either of these and has a pic of them in their kitchen? The Silestone is out of the question at 89 dollars a square foot.

    • I abandoned all marble and marble look alikes when I walked past a quartzite called Sea Pearl. It stole my heart, is durable and non-porous, and works beautifully with my white cabinets! It looks like the ocean with soft blue-greens against a white background and it pretty enough to hang on a wall. Check it out!

    • Corian Rain Cloud has the look without the maintenance, and its completely renewable and repairable.

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